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Friday, July 5, 2013

Italia - Pre-Trippin'

I've been trying to figure out how best to write about the trip.  The minute by minute will not only be exhausting to write but probably no that interesting to read.

So I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, tell the juicier stories, and capture the lessons learned about traveling, life, people, and love.

Let's take it week by week.


I managed to get the inbox to zero and turned the out of office on. Proof that miracles can happen.

I packed all of this:

Into this:

23 lbs for 3 weeks. There's even 5 pairs of shoes in there!  I was feeling pretty legit about my vastly improved packing skills.

I was set and ready for 3 weeks of no work, lots of relaxing, new adventures and memories to be made.

After uneventful flights, Farah and I finally met in Rome ready for the trip of a lifetime.  


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