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Monday, July 8, 2013

Italia - Week 3 - Lucera e Matera

After the coast we headed east to the other side of the country, a true country side getaway.  Dear friends are living in Lucera for a couple years so we visited them and experience life in the country side.  There was a pool, animals, vineyards, our room was larger than my apartment that over looked the wheat and poppy fields.  We slept, relaxed, soaked up even more sun, ate one of the best meals of my life, and rested the achy feet.  It was perfect. Oh and there were 7 puppies.


We took a day excursion out to Matera, an ancient city just south of Lucera. We got caught in a lightening/thunder/rain storm in which we thought it best to climb to the top of the mountain and stand next to the metal cross.  Like smart people do. We dined on amazing food, discovered amazing gelato, and otherwise explored every cranny.



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