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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Back in Action

When I worked in public accounting there was a thing called busy season.  Now that I work where I'm at right now there is also a thing called busy season that crosses summer and fall.  This busy season is about one thousand times worse than any previous busy season.

So that's where I've been the last few months. Ever since August I've been drowning in work.  Drowning in the night sweats, rattled by the shakes and heart palpitations I'd get.  Sleepless nights, anxiety riddled early mornings, and many evenings fueled by office snacks and the overwhelming fear of failure and disappointment.  I was the epitome of an angst ridden young professional throwing herself into work in order to run from her personal life. 

In my absence, life has still continued. I had a birthday, traveled, dated, mealed with friends, done a lot of shopping, and tried to maintain some resemblance of life, albeit less social and more self-preservation. 

But that time is coming to a close.  I won't do it again like this next year, mark my words.

So this is to announce that I'm back. In the last week, I'm sleeping through the night, eating well(-ish), conquered the night sweats, heart palpitations and shakes.   I'm making time for friends (hi, love you guys!), have a clean house, a mostly full fridge, back at the boot camp schedule, a closet (and then some) of clean clothes, good fiction sitting on my nightstand,  and miraculously a job I still love. 

I hope to write more in the coming months.  Really write. Most recently I'm dreaming of taking a month off and retreat to Tuscany to strictly write and let the creative side of my brain get a good bout of exercise.  I'm still ruminating on this but it certainly within the realm of possibility. 

Good to be back. Alive and living my every day amazing life....  


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