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Thursday, October 31, 2013


It's no secret that this is the worst day of the year in my book.  I loathe Halloween.  I do love seeing all the little kiddos at the mercy of their parent's decision making. That's great.  But grown-up Halloween is just a poor excuse to be sexy versions of things that are not ever intended to be sexy.

Also, the following:

1.) My irrational fear of bats is on full watch.
2.) I don't like being scared, or things that are scary, bloody, death-like, zombie-esque, etc.
3.) I don't do costumes/masks. They make me uncomfortable. I don't like not being able to see people's eyes. I'm big on eye me crazy.

But in the spirit of the day I did put on a questionably too-short-for-work orange dress, a white lace peplum top and black blazer and called it festive.  That's the best anyone was going to get from me today.

But here's my creepy story of the day.  Tuesday was National Cat Day. And ever since Tuesday there has been a stray black cat hanging out outside my door.  When I leave at 6:00 am and return and 7:15 am and then leave again at 8:30 am, it's there, meowing and generally creeping me out.  When I get home at night, it's there to greet me. And then throughout the night I hear it meowing, it sounds desperate but what do I know? Being greeted by a creepin' meowing black cat around Halloween is exactly what I need.

And of course the only reasonable explanation is that it is a cat of relationships past that's been cursed to haunt and follow me around.  Because that happens in the movies and thus also in real life.  My past relationships are not unlike stray cats that are in need of food, shelter and nurturing but cannot give the same in return. So it's not like I'm overly shocked here.

So with that, happy halloweeny!


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