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Monday, January 19, 2009

5 movies you’d suffer through commercials to watch because they are just that good

2009 is a year of cinema. Some friends and I have compiled a list of movies that we’ve never seen, always wanted to see and should see. Through painstaking efforts of Marmaduke, the list of approximately 800 movies is now categorized and alphabetized. As we slowly make our way through the list, I am always reminded of my top 5 favorite movies that no matter where or what the situation I will watch beginning to end and enjoy it just as much every single time.

Here is my list:

1.) Almost Famous
2.) Good Will Hunting
3.) Dumb and Dumber
4.) The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)
5.) The Notebook

My commentary on this list is as follows. I feel like I could take each of these movies and plant myself into each of them and feel perfectly at home.

Almost Famous reminds me of the power of music, being on the edge of invention and making history, following your passions, living a life beyond anyone’s judgments and that many of us live lives that reflect not what we really are. Watch it, get inspired, rewind, repeat.

Good Will Hunting’s script is pure brilliance. I have never seen the power of words and language define characters more and move character more to become their next greater selves. The forward motion in the film stems reactions to the conversations characters have with each other. I love that. The power of language is beautifully in action in every character’s life. Watch it, change your life, rewind, repeat.

Now, Dumb and Dumber may throw you for a loop if you know me. This type of comedy tends not to be my preference, but…the genius (that’s right, genius) of this movie is also in the script. The regular slap stick situational antics are funny but the character’s interactions and dialogue make it side-splittingly hilarious. Watch, pee your pant laughing, rewind, repeat.

Thomas Crown Affair is fairly obvious. A wealthy man who steals fine art for fun, is smooth with the women, polished with his words, loose with his money and emotionally unavailable is right up my alley. Who wouldn’t want to stare at Piece Brosnan for as long as possible? Watch it, fantasize, rewind and repeat.

The Notebook is so cliché to have on this list but the truth of the matter is I should have grown up in the 30s and 40s. Times were simpler, fashion then would have suited me better, and the pace of life was just a bit slower. This movie of course only perpetuates the outrageous notions of falling in love that Disney instills in us from childhood. But I don’t care. Watch it, fall in love, rewind, repeat.

There you have it. If you haven’t seen any of the above movies, run, don’t walk to the store and rent immediately.

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