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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Countdown to 200 Miles: 3 Days - Packet in Hand!

Well, there is really no backing out now. I have my packet in hand and an outrageously bright riding jacket. Bib number 9262. Good number. Even, rhythmic, lucky, I hope.

I did nothing in the way of physical exercise yesterday. This is apparently called “resting” but it makes me feel lazy. I didn’t do anything with the bike, besides glance at it and think about the 200 miles (approximately 20 hours +/-) we will be spending together. I woke up this morning stiff and with lower back pain which can’t be good. Maybe I’m just imagining it though.

Sidenote: I recently named my bike, Amos. I am generally not a person who names inanimate things, but I felt naming the bike could help nurture our relationship as we spend an exorbitant amount of time together. At this point, I’ll try anything.

If the weather holds I might go for a really short pedal around the neighborhood, see if I can get my lower gears to work which will be incredibly helpful for those 30+ miles that are on an incline.

Weather Forecast for Saturday: High of 83, 0% chance of rain...Love it!


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