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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Countdown to 200 Miles: 4 Days

Tuesday: 4 Days to “Race” Day

With all the new accessories, I was actually eager to get on the bike last night. I put on the new biking shorts, new jersey, new socks, new gloves, helmet, shades. Stepping in front of the mirror I took a good hard look at myself and thought, “You look ridiculous.”

Deciding that my ridiculousness wasn’t going to stop me at this point, I got on my bike for a very short ride. I set out up the pretty gnarly, but short, hill right outside my place to get up to the flat section which I tackled and coasted nicely up top. What I didn’t expect, nor had I experienced before, was the gusting winds. There were several instances where the wind came up from the side and there was a good struggle with me and the bike to stay vertical while also continuing to move forward. This is tricky. Luckily, there was no incident but I will say I am not looking forward to any wind on this ride.

Sidenote: Not gonna lie, I may have stayed up too late and finished up the first half of the first season of FNL. Still hearting Riggins and I think I know why…but I’ll save that for a different post. It generally has to do with my attraction to emotionally unavailable men with broken spirits and turbulent pasts who I think I can “fix.” I’m sensing some serious emotional breakthroughs with this fantasyland adolescent television series. Aces….


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