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Friday, October 2, 2009

Small Favors

1. Yesterday I did a little autumnal shopping to prepare for the upcoming season. I broke out of my black/white/red color palette and sprung for an argyle stitching mustard colored cardigan and a navy blue thigh-length cardigan. I haven’t quite decided if the mustard cardigan is ugly so I’m going to give it a couple tries. Fingers crossed I can pull it off.

2. If one could have a favorite adjective, mine would be “autumnal”. In every sense of the word.

3. The past couple days I’ve have some serious bouts with anxiety. So much so that I've been struggling to eat and keep food in. That or I am on verge of the flu. Not sure. Had the shakes and hot flashes this morning and nothing is settling in my stomach. The kicker is that I have no idea what I am anxious about. If I knew what it was I probably wouldn't be anxious.

4. After 2.5 years in my apartment I’m getting internet. Watch out world.

5. My monthly facial is tonight. Thank the good Lord for small favors.


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