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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Look, I've Been Busy

Well, here it is another year.  One month down and only 11 more to go.  I will say that this month hasn't been a terrible way to start 2011.  One thing though, I have been B to the USY.  Here are my top 5 non-work related highlights.

1.) I went to the Roller Derby.  That's right. Me. At that roller derby.  My confession is that I loved the movie Whip It and just wanted to see them do just that.  And they did...hazzuah!  My night was complete.  Proof is below, just so you know I'm not making this up:

2.)  My New Year's Resolution has been to walk greenlake every day.  So far I would say I'm at 75%.  Sometimes its just too dark and rainy.  But sometimes, it's just beautiful.

3.)  It's snowed here in Seattle for the 3rd (?) time this season.  I think I've mentioned before how much a love the snow.  So I layered up and traipsed about in the shortlived winter wonderland:

4.) Amos Lee's new Album Mission Bell drop this last week.  Luckily msn music has been streaming it for the last 2 weeks which means it's all I've been listening to...when I get ready in the morning, at work, when I get home from work, at all times possible.  So of course, when Amos was in town I had to go.  Perhaps our seats gave us a bird's eye view of the place but he sang to my soul. 

5.)  HV turns the Double Threes:  In true style, JS & HV hosted yet another dinner party for the history books, a Mexican themed fiesta completely with 3 salsas, pork marinated for days that fell apart, some sort of chicken goodness and more.  To cap it all off, HV made her own birthday torte concoction with chocolate & pears that was melt-in-your-mouth-I-think-I-found-heaven delicious. Don't event think I didn't wear stretch pants, because I totally did.  I know better.

I have high hopes for the next 11 months. Good friends, good food, yes please.


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