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Monday, January 10, 2011

Still Laughing

+ My roommate ate it while slipping down our front steps today.  I heard one step, then silence.  I wasn't too sure if she actually fell so I proceeded to continue to blow dry my hair like a kind and caring roommate would do. Then I got the warning-the-front-porch-is-icy-text and laughed my face off.  I'm still laughing.  Sorry. 

+ I have been listening to Rosie Thomas's Gradually on repeat for a few/a lot of days.  I figure if I listen to it enough I might just believe it.

+ Every night I go through the mental argument of "If I set my alarm an extra 45 minutes early I can get a ride in..."  vs.  "Are you joking?" Not gonna happen until things warm up I don't think.

+ I am the only person in our division that supports 4 people.  Most support 2-3.  I just voluteered to support a 5th.  WTH.
All in all, not a bad Monday. Grade: B


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