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Monday, February 21, 2011

Date Night

It’s not very often I get taken out on a date.  (You're shocked, I can tell.) However few, I have been on some pretty great dates. 
Saturday night was one for the history books. Because I love surprises, I asked him to keep it a secret.  So, in three parts, I give you a pretty great date: 

Stage 1 - Elliot Bay Books
Elliot Bay books is Seattle largest independent bookseller that recently relocated from Pioneer Square to Capitol Hill.  It is also a place that makes my heart pitter-patter and light-up with excitement. I tried to contain my excitement we arrive in a effort to not play the crazy-card too early.

He planned an activity where we were to find the following 5 books:

1.)    Our favorite book from childhood (The BFG)
2.)    Our favorite book from our teenage years (Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry)
3.)    A book that changed our lives (A Tree Grows in Brooklyn)
4.)    A book we could read over and over again (The Great Gatsby)
5.)    A book we want to read (How to choose? Really?)

We divided and conquered and reconvened to talk about our selections.  A dreamboat, a book store, and book talk; the evening was off to a great start.

Stage 2: Dinner at Serafina


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