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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Conversation of the Morning:

PB:  so I don’t know if you've seen the new Rihanna S&M video...but there’s a large scene with an asian shirtless guy tied up on a mattress and she's taunting him…why yes, that would be James the model I dated this summer
Me: shut. up.
PB: Yep, he actually gets a lot of camera time
PB sends link, I click on link
Me: hmmm, I might have to watch that at home seeing as there is a parent advisory on it....
PB: lol, wait hold on, no it’s not that bad
Me: ....the title is S&M…..
PB: lol, well….
Me: Jenn Chan, I cannot watch a video named S&M with your half naked ex-dater in work.

We live in different worlds. Obviously. 

Conversation of the Afternoon

After dialing in to a conference call:

SBB:  Who’s on the call?
Me: Mike, David, Sara
SBB:  Ahhh geez, I have to write this down; I can’t remember these gringo names
Me: Maybe you don’t want to say that on speaker phone during the conference call (presses mute button)
SBB:  Eyes get real big. Hand over mouth.

We both laugh. 


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