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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I’ve got some things on my mind.  Such as the following:   
  • The definition of counter-productive: Eating chocolate while cutting an apple. Also, walking and eating chocolate.
  • I am constantly on a quest for the perfect deodorant. I found it.  Life is complete. 
  • Things we don’t get in our building: Heat, AT&T cell phone reception (which will be great for our new phones) and radio reception. 
  • Sometimes I love country music more than any other genre. Which makes me ask: who wants to go Sugarland with Sarah Bareilles on July 18th with me? 
  • I have a giant picture window at my desk and it make sunny day’s like today amazing. Plus the days are getting longer which doesn’t make me want to crawl into bed at 3:30.
  • Last Saturday was the first last Saturday of the month in January I haven’t had to work in 4 years.
  • Adding to the list of Things That Are Impossible: Getting a Venezuelan citizen into the UK. Absolutely Impossible. 
  • Adding to the list of Things That Are Possible: Getting a Venezuelan citizen into Turkey. Not only possible but way easy.
  • Turns out “telephony” is a word.  For a second I thought they were making cuss up. 
Those thoughts are only tertiary behind the state of the world and how to cure HIV/AIDS.


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