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Sunday, June 10, 2012

One for the History Books

HV+JS are the marvelous hosts of dinner parties that are reaching epic proportions.  The last dinner party was bursting at the taste buds and seams as it was the largest and maybe most delicious. 

Vietnamese was the player, stuffing ourselves full was the game.  And we totally won.

On the menu:

We started with shrimp and beef skewers and fresh rolls with spicy peanut sauce to get warmed up.

Main course: Vietnamese inspired sausage to put over cool rice noodles with herbs (bún chả  style), plus real Vietnamese rolls to fix up all bánh mì sandwich like if that suited your fancy more.

Photo innocently stolen from fb by fab photog Sam Cook

Now would be the time you insert a Joe/Sam/Arthur sausage innuendo, but I won't since we heard them all night.

Condiments included fresh mint and basil, shredded/pickled carrot, hoisen sauce, chopped nuts, and fois gras from a farmers market in Paris (for real).

A variety of Asian flare salads including papaya salad and my own (stolen from Sista M) broccoli Asian salad.

The bar was so over flowing they literally cleared the mantle and filled it to the brim with everything from cardamom bitters to pomegranate blended goodness and all sorts of mixers. Restaurants couldn't stock bars like we did.

Heather, queen of impossibly delicious desserts, made chocolate marquis with five spice candied almonds and caramel sauce. It looked something like this.  You can get the details about how she worked her magic here. I wish you could taste this photo.

CA and I making the fresh rolls:

After recently attending Sista M's cooking class I put my new knowledge to work and made these fresh rolls that will now enter onto the "food so easy to make why don't I do it more often" list.

Here we all are.  If this picture could talk it would be telling you the best story about a girl, an intertube, a white bikini and a serious bowel movement.  Hence the captivated audience.

 Photo innocently stolen from fb by fab photog Sam Cook

Great food, great people, so much love in such a cozy space.  One for the history books.


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