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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tater Tots

Look, one day I'll stop blogging about tater tots.  Today is not that day.

The BFF was in town to see her GF and I was desperate for a reason to go to Knee High Stocking Co. And not just because their drinks are interesting but because their tater tots are works of delicious art. 

Just so you don't think I solely survive on tater tots (although I could....hello, Taco Time) I also got a chicken pot pie.  BFF's drink was describe as tasting like a "man's tool box" but in a good way, I guess. Ruth's caramel corn was described to be laced with crack.  So...good things all around.

At my aestatician's office and we had this long conversation about tater tots and the paradox that they are so socially acceptable in restaurants yet rank up there with redneck gourmet when served at home.  We determined it was because in the restaurant they are deep fried (unlike baked at home) thus making them exponentially more delicious. Secondly they are usually served in a cone.  And we all know things served in a cone taste better (i.e. fries, ice cream). 

Ok, I'll stop talking about tater tots.  For now.


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