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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Show Me Some Skin/Love

Once agian, my vanity has prevailed.  So what's new?

I bought a Clairsonic. You know one of those things that you eye for months and then you finally just say, "Yes, yes you are that vain.  Just do it."

So I did it.

After a tortured relationship for 29 years (I'm not exaggerating when I say my skin was so senstive when I was born I reacted with a rash when in contact with water.) I am happy to report we have called a truce.

It was a bit touch and go at first when my skin freaked out for the first week. I had buyers and skin care remorse. I then read that this was normal and to not get discouraged.   So I kept at it. 

Now, my skin loves me.  I love my skin.  It's an all around lovefest.

In conjuction I've bought a new skin care line that is proving to be quite remarkable. Physican Formula Anti-aging serum, redness reducing cream and ultra hydrating cream. A trifecta triple threat.

Also in a moment of weakness and hunger I bought this lotion. The box even says "Goodness. Me." which I'm pretty sure were the same words I uttered.  It smells like, "the aroma of moist layer cake & white velvet cream. A little joy for every day."  How could you not? 

As I'm approaching 30 I am trying my damnest to look as far away from it as possible. And if I can't, I'll at least smell like I just ate a butter cream myself...which may or may not happen.  I'll never tell.


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