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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Grown Ups

There is an odd phase of life after college graduation and some undefined time where I think you become a grown up. At least you're suppose to.

They pay bills.

They go to work.

They feed themselves.

They own cars.

They have mortgages.

They have kids.

They says, "kids these days."

They  have it figured out.

They got to bed and get up at reasonable hours.

They make grocery lists.

They always do the dishes and keep a clean kitchen.

They fold laundry fresh out of the dryer.

They keep fresh cut flowers on the table and have a welcome mat at the front door.

They read for fun.

Etc. that rate why would you ever want to be a grown up?

But you know what I've discovered:  there's more! there's better! 

They get to stay out late and eat Dick's at midnight.

They hang out at lounges and watch a funk jazz band lay the base line to Rapper's Delight while wearing a storm trooper costume.

They get to eat really good food.

They buy nice cheese and crackers (that is not ritz and kraft singles).

They host dinner parties.

They shop for as long as they want.

They talk about life and the future and the past.

They worry the same just about different things. Sometimes worry more.

They watch whatever movies they want, as many times as they want.

They laugh freely at and make inappropriate jokes.

They eat bars of chocolate, shamelessly.

They eat Mexican food twice a day.

They layout under the stars and watch the Tour de France.

They have cereal before bed and call it "dinner".

Sure I do some of those things from the first list, but I really like the things from the second list.

Ok, being a grown up, I'm coming for you.


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