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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wenatcheeeeeee it's hot

Sometime during "spring", a Seattlite reaches a point where the grey and gloom becomes intolerable.  At such a moment, for the sake of preserving sanity, one makes reservations on the other side of the mountains and heads east with no plans except basking in the sun. 

So that's what we did.  We packed up the car and headed east to where it was boiling at a comfortable 96 degrees.  So we melted, laughed, drank the DC, sweat through our clothes, tasted some cider, were generally confused about eastern Washington and slept it overly air conditioned hotel room. 

We stopped in Leavenworth on the way over which was my first time there and I can't help but wonder if Bavarians are offend by the construct or indifferent or see us hopelessly failing at the attempt to commercialize a culture (which seems like the American thing to do).  I hope indifferent.

But to the credit of one Bakery they do a mean twice baked chocolate croissant.  I did have this conversation with the young man behind the counter, seeking an opinion with much difficulty:

Me: What's your favorite, like if it were your last meal what would you have.
Him: Oh easy, the pretzel wrapped Brat.
Me (thinking its 10:00 am and a little early for a brat):  Hmmm, maybe something a little less breakfasty type.
Him:  Oh, ummm, hmmm, well….uhhh...maybe…solid minute passes
Me:  (thinking this isn't a hard question but I've really stumped this guy)
Him:  Maybe the twice baked croissant either the chocolate or almond
Him: or the apple turnover.
Him: or the blueberry turn over. 
Him: or the peach cobbler.
Him: or the raspberry turn over is really good too. 
Me:  Well….that's narrows it down.

I opted for the twice baked croissant because anything with those qualifiers has got to be good.  It just felt like a really hard conversation to get to that.  But look, a feast for the taste buds!  So good I would add it to the list of things to eat before dying.

Continuing on to Wenatchee we found a park along the river that was a bit peculiar.  We kept hearing murmurings of how high the river was but it seemed high, and gross.  So we plopped down for a bit, stared into space, noshed on strawberries and fritos until we had enough.

We headed to Cashmere, an odd, quaint and ghostish town.  But it did have a Cider Mill that we had to hit up.  So we did, plopped ourselves on some outdoor chairs and guzzled the juice.  At any point the conversation always revert back to the amount we were sweating and the degree to which our clothes were soaked.  It was bliss.  At the point we thought we might melt into the chairs it was time to leave by way of the makeshift art gallery. All adorbs all the way around.

When the temperature tip the triple digits nothing says refreshing like MEXICAN FOOD!  And lots of it. 

Because we weren't quite overflowing after the Mexican food, we needed Froyo to make the trip complete, and to feel like true gluttons.  In which we spent the whole time discussing stomach issues and bowel movements which, if you can't talk to your girlfriends about that then what's the point of girlfriends.  I'm pretty sure we vacated the area a couple times when eavesdroppers were in for a rude discovery.

The next morning's only objective was to soak up as much sun a possible.  We went for a quick 3 mile walk in which we stopped in a Mexican bakery because exercising while eating keeps balance in this world.   A few hours poolside while distracted by my latest literary obsession (Game of Thrones) helped crisped up my back side until the hotel was ready to kick us out. 


While I wouldn't recommend trying to come home over Highway 2 on a holiday weekend, I would highly recommend grabbing your best girlfriend and head towards the heat at let all your worries and cares melt away. 

Good weekend y'all. 


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