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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Clearly I Didn't Think This Through

Sometime when you make out on a park bench, you wouldn't be opposed to seeing that person again.

We had texted through out the week but had made no definite plans.  I put a kabash on the booty call mid-week based on principle but I was certainly interested in seeing what would happen next. 

So Friday he sent a text that made me almost fall out of my chair that made it pretty clear about his desire to see me again.  I had plans for Friday night but let him know I'd be available after 9:30 (which just barely beats my no booty call after 10:00 pm rule). 

Being unprepared for company I raced home after dinner with friends and did the fast 15min clean up.  Took out trash, did dishes, literally threw clothes - clean and dirty- into the closet, curled the hair, re apply the make up, dab on some scents, tucked away papers, lit candles, sprayed air freshner.  It was the fastest clean up in my life, I'm pretty sure I broke a sweat.

As I was frantically tossing  my clothes into baskets in the closet, I threw casually this book on top of a pile.

And then I paused. I'm not sure there is a book more apropos at the moment.  I was clearly unprepared for company and the night in general.  But clearly one can't thinking things through when he's tall, attractive, smells delicious and finds me attractive.  How am I suppose to think that through?  I'm really only thinking one thing...let's be honest.

He arrives, a bit flustered after getting lost (bless his heart), and sits down at the kitchen table. We proceed to talk for a while.  In fact we talk for 2.5 hours.  TWO POINT FIVE HOURS….of talking.  Although perfectly lovely this was not the intent of us hanging out.  But, it not being unpleasant so I wasn't going push the issue. But by the time 12:30 rolls around I'm becoming more inclined to get to bed...sister got boot camp in the morning...ain't got time for chit chat after midnight.

Well, chit chat came to an end when he looked at his watched and said, "I really thought we'd be making out by now," just putting it out there.  We both laughed. And discussed how we wish we were better at this. But that was just enough to break the ice as clearly over the last 2.5 hours of talking we both had been trying to think  "this" through and disguised it in comfortable conversation. So, to save the details in appropriate for this family-friendly site, 2:30 rolled around and sister still got it….(triple snap).

So from park bench to apartment in 4 days seems fast, but you know what, clearly I didn’t think it through. And I don't plan to start.  I'm over thinking, I'm over planning, I'm over doing these things that stop me from having fun. 

Maybe not overly wise now, but sure is fun….I'm sure that always works out.

Stay tuned. 


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