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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Grown Up - A List

Here is a list about grown up things that I'm doing. I use "grown up" in the loosest sense of the word.

1. I brunch. 

Brunch is maybe one of the greatest inventions in our culinary landscape.  You get to sleep in, take your time waking up, eat sweet or savory, and dig up restaurant treasures without breaking the bank.  So I've been doing a lot of this...because life's too short to not do what you love. 

The Wandering Goose is a narrow, home-cookin' restaurant where you order at the counter and shuffle between the overly crowded space and nab the first table that a very pregnant with twins woman can fit into.  (This limits your options but totally doable).  It's totally worth trekking up to Cap Hill, searching for parking, and elbowing some hipsters to chow down on some brunchin' good grub.

Roasted vegetables with poached egg skillet

Might I also suggest the Boat Street Kitchen and their cornmeal custand cakes.  Go with good friends and celebrate something.   All of those aforemetions things are amazing.

2. Quiet weekends

Saturday mornings are quickly becoming one of favorite times of the week.  I go to boot camp outside which gets the blood going and makes me feel strong and healthy (also makes me feel like I'm going to die but I'm trying to be more glass-half-full). I then come home, make myself a bowl of steel cut oats with apples, almonds, cinnamon, and almond milk.  I sit at my kitchen table with no distractions and eat with myself and my thoughts.  It's the most comforted and alive that I feel during the week.

If there was a close second to my favorite day of the week it would be Sunday afternoons.  I regularly find myself sitting on the couch, catching up on the week's podcasts, sipping tea and crocheting. It's restful, productive and insightful.  ....Unlike the rest of my week which is the opposite of all of those. 

3. Hip Cap Hill Bars.

Knee High Stocking Co. is one of my local favorite with great drinks and food.  It's a speak easy so it makes you feel like you're in on a secret.  They only take reservations via text message, you ring the doorbell to get in and the velvet curtain secludes you away.  And they serve tater tots.  I don't know what about that isn't appealing.

The Saint, just up the street from the above, is a lovely self-proclaimed "Tequlia Salvation". I'm not sure what that means but they make a mean nacho and a some drink with cucumbers.   Go, get your Ole! on.

4. Tater to the Tot

Remember how I regularly blog about tater tots...because I love them....and this is the internet so why would I not?  Well, imagine my surprise when I turned the page the most recent Bon Appetite and there is all it's crisp, hot, potato-y goodness, a story about the growing up of tater tots.  I for one am not disappointed about this return.  C'mon you 30-somethings.....let's keep this movement alive!

5.  The Oscars
I watched the acceptance speeches on mute because they make me uncomfortable. That and when K.Stew talked.  Ewwww. Also, I have this deep desire to rock a pixie cut.  I'm one break up away from that happening.

6.  The English Major meets Science

I spend my lunches now reading scientific proposals and journal articles.  I'm slowly getting it, "it" being the science, the struggles the field faces in vaccine development and what people are proposing to do about it.  It's pretty cool. This is a good overview if those topics, too, keep you up at night.

So, this is all quite grown up.  It ain't so bad. 


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