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Monday, May 18, 2009

The Beginning of a Very Beautiful Relationship

I meant to post this last Friday but never got around to it. I’m only posting it because I think it is the beginning of a very beautiful relationship.

In honor of “Bike to Work Day” I post this about last weekend.

My first ride on my new bike was a total of 28 beautiful miles from Gasworks Park to Alki Bakery. The day could not have been more perfect. However, I could have. I could have been far more perfect on this whole “riding” business but alas, it was my first ride and I was trying to 1.) enjoy the experience and 2.) keep up with everyone. Of which, I feel like I did a pretty decent at both.

I bought as much gear as I thought necessary for the first time out.
Bike, check.
Helmet, check.

Then I bought the things that seemed more necessary than the other things:
Riding shorts (worth the weight in gold)
Riding Jersey
Water bottle

Standing next to my bike I look like a professional. Riding the bike, definitely amateur. I had a hard time with the gears (pedaling fast and going no where, pedaling really hard and going no where). I was very cautious on the downhills and probably broke every written and unwritten rule of the road. But I survived, which is a miracle all in itself. Not only did I survive but I really enjoyed it. The fresh air, the wind, the sun, the views, the false sense of athleticism, the people watching…all of it.

Last night I hit the Sammamish River Trail at sunset. The trail winds along the river, through some farmland and eventually ends up at Marymoore Park. It was refreshingly sunny, cool and serene. No better way to end an evening.

I think I’m hooked.


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