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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Feeling Like Dwight

This is the most strange day. Not good or bad, just...uncomfortable. Here’s why:

Why I feel like Dwight Schrute today:

1.) Because I sit on an exercise ball at work which comes off as elitist and all self-righteous like “I’m exercising all day while you’re just sitting in a chair.” Which really isn’t like exercising all day because I just find ways to cheat and over compensate for my poor excuse for muscles. But I do enjoy bouncing around.
2.) I’m wearing a long sleeved collared shirt that is driving my nuts. I don’t like collared shirts and I don’t know why I even own them, but I do. Then every few months I get an idea that they look good on me and they really don’t. They make me look like a man. Collared shirts are made for men and therefore only men should wear them. Kind of like heels for women. I might shred all my collared shirts when I get home tonight.

This conversation:
Randy: Hey, how’s it goin?
Me: Hey, Its good, how are you? (with a peppy intonation)
Randy: Wow, you’re in a good mood.
Me: Why does everyone say that so surprised?!?

My general cantankerous look really is just a look. I really do have a generally pleasant disposition. I think.

Also, I have an awesome new bike that I can’t ride because its spring in Seattle. However, Gregg’s Bicycles might just be the best place for eye candy in recent memory so on rainy days I might be tempted to go “shopping” and admire the “merchandise.” That sounds much less creepier and shallow in my head.


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