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Monday, January 4, 2010

Cuss Yeah!

If you haven’t seen the Fantastic Mr. Fox yet, you should drop everything you are doing and see it this very instant. I haven’t enjoyed a movie that much in a really long time.

The highlight of the movie is not what is in it, but what is NOT in it. There is no swearing, despite the no shortage of opportunities for it. In Wes Anderson’s script writing brilliance, where is would have been appropriate to use a swear word, he instead substituted the potential swear word with the word, “cuss.” It was flawless and hilarious every time.

(My one sentence soap box about swearing: I tend to believe is just poor word choice rather than a reflection of or morally plummeting society, but whatevs).

In that same vein, my attempt is to swear less substituting any potential for a swear word with the word “cuss.” Its worked out so far.

In the end, I might just say cuss it and keep it real.

Stay tuned.


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