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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Wheatgrass shot, Bill?"

Blogging from the BlackBerry:

I'm sitting in my favorite cafes in Seattle. I'm waiting for my food and start to read my book (The World is Flat - 10th Anniversary Edition).  To my right are two young ladies talking about human adaptation to global warming, environmental study in acadamia. And their therapists. A man walks through the door and the counter attended yells,"Wheatgrass shot Bill?" (akin to Norm walking into Cheers!).

Then I thought to myself, "What. The. Cuss.  Where am I, what is going on, when did this happen, and why do raincoats totally ruin an outfit?" 

Guys, I am a grown up loving my life in Seattle.  Sure, not everything is perfect and a lot remains to be determined about the future, but if I stopping thinking about how I wish life would be and start recognizing and loving the way life is, I start appreciate the calm and comfort that I am finding inside.


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