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Sunday, January 24, 2010

From 0 to Inappropriate in 3 Seconds or Less.

This weekend was suppose to be "Get Life In Order" weekend.  Instead it turned into something way more fun.

For example:

I was tricked into running 6.7 miles. During my state of delirum I may have had an overshare moment, (that I will not share here), but I think it brought my running buddy and I closer together. Added bonus: I did not die.
I cracked the sunroof wide open for the first time this winter.  It makes my car payment totally worth it.
Post near-death run, I rewarded myself with some groceries and a jamba juice.
Then I went head to head with my closet.  After 3 weeks, I am VICTORIOUS!

And that was just Saturday!

Sunday involved some church, some serious nappage, some serious peanut butter chocolate cheesecake baked from scratch, some serious vegetarian lasagne baked from scratch and some serious time snuggling with Max. Good combo all the way around. My gut may not have appreciated all the dairy but my tastbuds rejoiced.  And we all know tastebuds trumps tummy!

As the sabbath came to a close, our conversations drifted toward the inappropriate mixed with SH singing Lady Gaga's Poker Face which sound more like dying cat than a song.

I've highlight to top 3 moments of inappropriateness.  Kids, cover your eyes.

1.) "Suck it bitches!!!" - SH post-Sequence game victory
2.) "Beware of the one-eye willy.  It'll get you every time." - LL  (referring to the jack in a deck of cards, but we all know what she really means.) (ps. amen)
3.) "We can just take it up the back." - LL (referring to how to get a piano into the new place but we all know what she really means.)

Giggles ensued after all comments which just goes to show that we might look all righteous and prudish on the outside.  But on the inside, we're just like you, you dirty minded-heathens.

Next weekend: Get life in order.


stephanielynn said...

Alternate Title: From 28 to 12 in 3 Seconds or Less.

And for the record, the rendition of Poker Face sounded slightly better than a dying cat. For sure.

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