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Monday, January 4, 2010

Ghost Writer: Chapter One

A very talented and gifted writer has surfaced here at ONPC to unfold a love story in the making. Gosh I hope it's true.

I can just see make your grand entrance a little late, all done up from the day, perfume lingering past the random hot guy that is there
you take a seat right behind him and instantly feel the connection
he's tall, dark, and SMART. He knows all the answers, but does not want to show off to much.
he turns around to pass back the handout and as your hands brush you both feel it and blush.
(are you liking this romance novel yet)
you get a little nervous and don't know what to say so you just smile and pass the handouts to the person behind you
class is a can't focus because the way his hair curls up in the back makes you want to run your fingers through it.
class ends and you slowly pack up as you wait for him to be a man and make his move
he does and you leave class with a "study date"

I am so excited to see what happens in Chapter 2. Maybe we can just fast forward it to "They lived happily ever after, having really awesome and frequent nudgenudge winkwink." (too much?)


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