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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I hope.

+ I hope my future husbands reads this and teaches it to our future kid(s). 
+ I hope my $12 brussel sprouts I accidentally purchased are the best brussel sprouts are the best sprouts I've ever had. They better be. 
+I hope that in heaven there are pedicures, it's acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast, there are sunrises at reasonable hours and I can nap in a bug-free field of wildflowers.
+I hope I always choose love.
+I hope, if I believed in reincarnation, I wouldn't come back as an empire penguin.  That cuss is crazy.  I'd like to return as a domesticated house pet with loving owners. That would be ideal.  Or a whale.  
+I hope you never feel alone.   
+I hope I'm not one of those people who is sitting around waiting for life to happen to them. 
+I hope my wedding day involves a courthouse, pearls and cowboy boots.  Secretly.
+ I hope that I can see the ocean and a fireplace while standing in my future home.
+ I hope I'm ready for what's next.  Scratch that, I know I'm ready.


MK said...

sheesh, i really heart you.

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