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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Under the Knife

Tomorrow I'm going under the knife.  And by knife I mean scissors.  This may seem inconsequential to most, but to me, getting a hair cut is no small endeavor. This is something I do about 3 times a year.  I make my appointments 4 weeks out so I can mentally prepare.  I look at pictures, debate about length, bangs vs. no bangs, consider face shape, hair texture, etc.  As the appointment draws closer, I get more and more anxious.

But I think I've found a hairstyle that might match what I'm looking for:

Appointment is at 7:00 pm tomorrow. Stayed tuned!


Molly B said...

I'm taking the plunge tomorrow too! Great minds think alike? Or is it really just time for a haircut :) We will check the results Sunday - see you soon!

Miss C said...

YES! This is very good news. Perhaps I shall have snacks?

MK said...

GORGEOUS! However, you personify that word no matter the length of your hair. I'm excited to see pictures!

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