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Monday, February 22, 2010

Points for Originality

On a sunny day in Seattle there is no better way to spend lunch than at Anthony’s Fish Bar at Pier 66. Their outdoor patio lends itself to soak up the sun while enjoying views of the city, stadiums, mountains and water.

I order my regular and took a seat in the sun. After a few minutes a couple gentlemen came up and we started chatting. Small talk. We exchanged pleasantries. We chatted about the weather, Seattle, were we all lived, work, etc.

Then it got weird and this conversation happened:

Guy: You look Spanish
Me: Oh, I’m actually Italian. Italian and Chinese in fact.
Guy: Whoa, you belong in a museum you’re so rare.
Me: ……(silence)…………yep, I’ve never found one quite like me.
Guy: And, you’ve got your pasta and your chow mein!
Me: …..yep, I do love me some noodles…..(uncomfortable laugh).


That has got to be the weirdest comment/compliment (?) I’ve ever gotten.

Points for originality.


Molly B said...

2nd paragraph..."order" should be in past tense/"ordered" :-)

Miss C said...

My blog is riddled with grammatical errors and typos. I feel like it keeps people on their toes and adds character.

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