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Monday, February 1, 2010

The News No One Covers

Who want to read the depressing headlines when you can read the cuss that matters. Here’s the news no one covers:

1.) Current Affairs: I'm so tired the thought crossed my mind to go take a nap in my car. However, I have yet to devise a comfortable sleeping arrangement that doesn't involved folding down the back seats and essentially sleeping in the trunk. Although, I do think that if I were ever homeless I would just live in my car because it's got heated seats (for comfort), a sun roof (for stargazing and cloud watching) and a sweet sound system (for entertainment). It would be like camping in luxury. What more could a girl ask for?

2.) Entertainment: Have you seen The Invention of Lying? If so let's chat about it. It was very in your face allegorical, but I need to talk it out. It blew my mind and I can't quite wrap my arms around what I was suppose to glean from the moral of the story. Maybe I'm just the idiot thinking too hard about it.

3.) Music: I need new music. I've been on a kick of listening to entire cds. Recently Patty Griffin's newest album, Downtown Church, Pearl Jam's Backspacer, Katie Herzig's Apple Tree and Kelly Clarkson's All I Ever Wanted have been on repeat. Kings of Leon is always on so no need to replace that, but I'm looking for something that’s refreshing, calming and catchy. (PS. Shout out to Taylor Swift and Kings of Leon with the big Grammy wins. Way to rock it.)

4.) Editorial/Opinion: For the THIRD time today, I’ve heard someone clipping their nails. It’s not even noon. Gr-oss. Un-real. Mind blowing.

5.) Science: What the cuss happened to January? How is it February? And can we move this along and get to April already. Dear engineering friends, let’s make this happen.

That’s the news no one reports….probably for good reason.


Molly B said...

Music: Miranda Lee Richards - Life Boat. I think you'll like it based on your set criteria.

kristen said...

i think i want to make it FOUR times today. or one time tomorrow. stay tuned.... bwaaa haa haaa

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