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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


This Week:
  • It's National Public Library Week. This makes my heart skip a beat and inspires me to do what I really want to do.  Baby steps, I'll get there.
  • Had Book Club last night with a great discussion about The Big Short. Plus, I talked to a woman who went back to school at the age of 51 and had the time of her life.  She inspires me.  
  • I got a card from the woman who I consider to be my second mom just saying hi and letting me know she was thinking about me.  We haven't talked in months. She inspires me. 
  • I got an email from a friend half-way around the world wishing me luck this week.  She inspires me.
  • I talked to a friend who absolutely loves his job.  He's excited to go to work in the morning, the day flies by, is sad when the day is over and he has to go home. Then does it all over again. He doesn't make a lot of money but you can hear the joy in his voice. He inspires me.   
Guys, its been a rough, oh, four weeks.  I'm so very very tired. But I am so very very inspired.   


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