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Monday, April 26, 2010

Zen Master Travelers/Walkers

Well, we are on day 9, maybe 10?, and we have now achieved the level of zen master travelers/walkers.  We have been all over this country from the top of Mt. Koya in Koya-san through the port city of Osaka and have spent a couple days here in Kyoto taking in the sights and food. Here are some highlights:
  • Julie ordered sushi for lunch today - it came with a bowl of a couple hundred tiny fish with eyes staring at her.  She could not eat the poor critters.  Can you blame her?
  • I ate beef today for the first time in quite a while.  It was delicious and did not kill me.
  • The night on Mt. Koya with the monks was quite the experience. It was also below freezing.  With our propane heater we couldn:t decide if we were going to freeze to death or be gased to death.  We survived but I have not been that freezing cold in quite a long time.
  • Julie also thought it to be a great idea to walk through the Buddist graveyard at sundown.  Let:s just say our walk out was a tad faster than the stroll in. 
  • Not gonna lie, I:m a big fan of the onsen, bars where you can wear slippers, visiting museums where you wear no shoes and Inari sushi.  Big fan. 
  • We spent the better part of a day trying to remember the name of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle master that our tour guide had a striking resemblence; Master Splinter in case you were curious. 
  • Last night the "house band" sang int he bar downstairs. Our favorite Japanese weve met to date works at the reception desk and is also the guitar player in the band.  He maybe stole our hearts.   
  • I:ve been taking som pretty serious allergery meds, that I can only take at night.  This means I:ve been getting a solid 10 hours of sleep.  With all the fresh air, exercise and meds, I am out like a light, all night, and it feels so good. 
I can:t find the apostrophe on this keyboard so forgive me.  I work with what I got.

Tomorrow we head north to Misawa, near the northern tip of the main land of Japan to chill with the sister.  I am so looking forward to it.  Some rest and relaxation will do this body good.

Love and Hugs to everyone.  Miss your guts.



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