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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's Only Been 4 Days....

We've been here 4 days and we've been on the go non-stop.  I can't even put words together to describe what we've done/seen.  This is partially because its 5:00 am and I'm mostly incoherent but it could also be because there are just no words to describe breathtaking beauty, kindness, generosity and hospitality of Japan and the people here.  

When words fail me, the next best course of action is obviously lists.  So here are your highs and lows:

  • Eating black eggs at Mt. Fuji
  • Stroll around Imperial Palace Park
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site Shrines and Temples of Nikkō, Futarasan Shrine and Tōshō-gū shinto temples and Rinnō-ji, the buddist temple.
  • Onsen - hot soak and scrub down
  • Bullet Trains
  • Japanese cowboy street performers
  • Senso-ji Temple at Askakusa
  • My sister
  • Perfect weather
  • Menus with pictures
  • The food: soba, gyoza, rice, pickled everything, ice cream 
  • Blossoms everywhere
  • Backpacking.  Maybe I'm carrying 40lbs of my personal belongings. And maybe it's really effing heavy when you're tired and sore.    
  • Body aches and pains from backpacking.  
We leave Tokyo in a few hours to head to Takayama and then on to Kyoto.  After Kyoto we're off to Osaka and then up to Misawa.  All via bullet train at 200 mph.  Could it get more amazing?  

I'll update the next time I have insomnia and internet access.

Miss you all.    


Holly C M said...

sounds awesome. it'll all be worth the aches and pains.

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