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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Real Vacation

It's been officially 2 days of real vacation, and by real vacation I mean eating, sleeping and not moving.  Here's what we've done:

+In 24 hours Julie and I ate an entire Paula Dean pumpkin pie that Sara baked from scratch.  Judge all you want.  Plus, she just put a pecan pie in the oven.  Mmmmm...

+Naked time at the onsens.  Check your body image issues at the door, get naked with a couple other naked Japanese women, soak in 108 degree hot spring water and relax.  Today's onsen had a heated outdoor pool that looked over a pond and a waterfall.  Hot bath, cold bath, sauna, scrub down, repeat. It's good for your muscles, joints, skin.  Genius.

+Read The Reader. Wasn't impressed. 

+I got the final Jeopardy! question right tonight. The correct question:  Who was Lord Byron? I was even impressed with myself considering I loathe (most) poetry with most of the fibers of my being. 

+Went bowling, maybe strained my right bicep with an 8 lb ball. Note to self: start lifting weights as soon as possible. 

+Shopping:  Too bad the American dollar is in the crapper and everything is outrageously expensive so we've been to several 100 yen stores.

+Had a lengthy conversation with Brother-in-Law about his job as a fighter pilot, moral implications and the eventual obsolete-ness of war, and the media's representation of the military.  Very interesting.

Tomorrow we have massages scheduled before making the trek back to Tokyo for our last day in Japan.  It's probably good we're leaving soon before I get too used to this.  Pie, massages, facials, shopping, what isn't to love?


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