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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Bossman (of the firm) after my first week gave me a bouquet of flowers and a card thanking me for joining their team and for all my hard work.  Today, SBB (Senor Big Boss) gave me a box of chocolate for all my hard work in the last 2 weeks.  I think this makes up for my crazy boss lady at the publishing house who after two weeks of busting my butt gave me the cold shoulder and the stink eye. 

Picture this conversation at 9:00 am this morning:

SBB: Cara, do you like chocolate?
Me: Boy do I.  You know there is this quote that says, “There are two types of people in this world:  Those who love chocolate, and communists.”
Laughter erupts.

Not only did my boss give me box of chocolate (from Chocolopolis on Queen Anne) at 9:00 am but I made him laugh, again.  I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

On a chocolate related note, please note my favorite chocolate is Fran’s salted caramels (although these are just caramels covered in chocolate but I'll group as one category here).  Coincidentally, my birthday is in 4 weeks.  Just sayin’.  I am also partial to Lindt chocolate, Theo Chocolate and Vosages. Preferably of the milk variety, the lower the cocoa percentage the better.  Rice milk chocolate is less than stellar. And Hershey’s, like most American chocolate, should only be consumed with a melted mallow and graham over a bonfire.  When in Canada I indulge in at least one (maybe I’ve had 2 a time or two) Caramilk bars for obvious reason.  My sister thinks I’m high maintenance.  I like to call it selective.  Especially when it comes to men and chocolate. 

On a work related note, SBB is of the generation before keyboards existed.  He is of the generation where type writers were the most efficient form of word processing.  Thus, he never learned to type using all ten fingers.  Instead he uses his index fingers and pounds the hell out of his keyboard.  And when I mean pound I mean when like, it’s like the World War II German blitzkreig on Poland on his keyboard. Like a machine gun rapid fire pace his hands become a blur.  So hard in fact he we just replaced his keyboard because he’s worn off the “O” and the “I” and was getting them confused.  But the best part is to watch him type; it makes me smile. 

Also, got my first meeting request email from BG. Kinda makes your heart stop when you get an email from the world’s wealthiest man. Kinda makes your heart sink when you eff up the response.  Well done, Miss C, well done.

And lastly, one of the acronyms commonly used in the assistant world is F.U. (Follow Up).  Whenever I write this I think of that scene in The Odd Couple when Oscar says, "Took me three hours to figure out F.U. was Felix Ungar!" and I can never write it with a straight face.  Open to suggestion for alternatives. And no,  F Up doesn’t work.  What else? 


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