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Monday, August 30, 2010

Man-free Weekend

In a land far far away, three hot chicks spent the weekend being man-free. We headed north for the border armed with snacks, trashy romance novels, gossip, and a need to share secrets, and talk about our feelings. And by feelings I mean sex.  It's what we girls do.

We're on a boat.

Tea from tiny tiny tea pots

To pass the time on the long drive up, Jules and Cupcake read outloud the worst trashy romance novel ever. And by worst I mean 1.) Any sort of coherent sentence structure was absent which made reading out loud particularly challenging and 2.) There wasn't even making out until page 135.  This is how Jules felt about it:

No seriously, you can't say Piper Ryan and Greyhill Danby in a British accent without laughing.  It's impossible.  Although, Oscar nods to Cupcake and Jules for superb Bristish accents in an Jeeves The Butler kind of way.  

Because much of my vacation north revolves around the food I'm going to eat, I tend to be ritualistic when it comes to my choices.  The must haves: scones (see delicousness above), chocolate chip cookies, Wheatberries granola and the Gumboot Restaurant.  We also feasted on fresh from the market greens and salad fixins with tortilla soup with rustic French bread (a parting gift from CT).  

Oh and gelato...delicious.  My lovely aunt and uncle openned their lovely home and allowed us free reign over the place.  Of course, the highlight of any trip up there is seeing and visiting with them. They make my heart smile.  

Hey, Cupcake, you wanna go ahead and just leave that classy piece of literature sprawled out there?  Cool, thanks. Also, if you could google vajazzling on your phone and pull up some pictures that would be great too.   (I'm going to recommend you don't google vajazzling.)

In summary, much of the weekend was spent with our feet up, relaxing.

Thanks to these lovely ladies, I had the best time.  The ladies weekend was exactly what I needed. I heart them both being unapologetic for who they are and can laugh at their own fallible nature. I admire their ability to sympathize without judgement, identify without patronizing and exhibit honest curiosity and interest as to the lives and well-being of others. And seriously, they are maybe some of the funniest people I know.  


Unknown said...

You're the sweetest. Seriously. Thanks for the weekend. We must make it a ritual!

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