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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Baby's First Halloween

Let's talk about Halloween. It's maybe the worst day of the year. I won't go into my lengthy argument why but let's just say my heart my have turned a corner thanks to an oversized costume and a baby's first halloween.
 Gramma C bought baby A's costume before he was born and due to the extenuating circumstances of his birth he joined us a little early and a little on the small size. He's taking his sweet time catch up in size which lended itself to one oversized costume and mom, dad and auntie on the floor

There were tears. Aching stomaches. Gasping for breath. Rolling on the floor laughter.

We laughed so hard the episode deserves it own post from the trip. No words really do it justice, not even photos do it justice, but you'll get the point.

Ahhh, good times.


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