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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I can't be the only one at work whose highlights of the day comes through gchatting with various friends also "working". PB and I chat on a regular basis which probably saves us hours of battery-life and allows us to have ridiculous conversations like this:

Me: how do we feel about men with cats?
PB: men with cats=gross
Me: what if he's incredibly ripped? And tan and builds his own sailboats?
PB: but ok fine, sailboats. who can argue with that? we'll take the cat and raise you a sailboat


PB: btw, spaghetti squash=new obsession. how genius is this vegetable?
Me: omg, It's a fave. I'm not sure if I can speak to the genius of it though
PB: Well its genius in that its just something totally unexpected. Like, "hi, you're a squash but wait. inside you are a whole different kind of fabulous."
Me: lol, I've had that exact conversation with my squash
PB: I know you have, I took the words right out of your mouth
Me: totes

These are the things we talk about folks, dating and vegetables.


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