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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Like Friends Do

I've started dating. I know, look of shock just graced your face. And I've had moderate success. Now, let's define success:

1.) Have not met any crazies

Ok, so that's a short list and also it makes the dating stories a little boring. But I have met some really great characters running the gamut from lawyers, mechanics, contractors, financial analysts, real estate brokers, and those working in retail. Tall, short, medium. Mostly Caucasian with a sprinkle of Asian, but that's Seattle for you. I've met people from Alaska, Texas, Michigan, and all over Washington. And for the most part I've had a pretty good time. A few meals, lots of walks, a couple hot beverages, ice cream cones, and interesting conversations.

I think I've actually made a legitimate friend out of one of them: the uber conservative, tall, blonde-hair, blue-eyed Texan who we agreed early on that it would never work. Him being conservative and all and me not being that (conservative) so much was problematic. But we've spent some good amount of time together, not dating.

Let me give you examples of us not dating:

1.) We cook together: I have a world-renowned chili recipe that I brag about regularly. He suggested we have it and I told him that on the condition he was to provide the chips and salsa. When I showed up to make the chili he was just finishing roasting the peppers and tomotios (that he had been to 4 grocery stores to find) for his salsa from scratch. He then pulled out a bag of chips that he had brought back from Texas a few days before. This was legit. We dined on made from scratch chili and salsa over candlelight and had good conversation. He proceeded to clean up and jar some extra salsa for me to take home. Like friends do.

2.) We grocery shop: We went grocery shopping the other night, when I jokingly asked him what he was making me for dinner. He proceeded to round up groceries, we went home, he whipped but fabulous variation of fattoush while I whipped up homemade hummus. It was a perfectly lovely Miss C-tummy friendly dinner. We then ate over candlelight. When it was time to clean up I ask what I could do and he just said, "Stand there and look pretty." I was more than happy to oblige. Like friends do.

3.) He cooks for me: I'd driven up to Vancouver for the day with a girlfriend to do a thing for work (aka shop). After a long day of driving and shopping he asked what I wanted for dinner when I was headed over. Thai sounded good so I suggested that thinking a run to the local dive Thai place would suffice. When I arrived at his place a full 3 course meal of thai salad, veggie curry and a surprise for dessert. Dishes mostly done already and candlelight lit we sat down to a perfectly lovely and Miss C-tummy-friendly dinner. We had lovely conversation and he capped of dinner by doing all the dishes. Then out of the oven he pops a pecan pie he'd made from scratched. Served with lavender ice cream he brought me a slice, joined me on the couch to watch a movie and snuggle. Like friends do.

4.) We hot tub together…what!?: - Fresh off the completion of our annual meeting I was exhausted bordering on meltdown. He called to see what I was up to that night and we made plans to get together for dinner. We picked up gyros at the local middle eastern dive place and took it to go. We dined on delicious take out. He has been trying to get me to go in the hot tub for a few weeks and I was just worn down enough to oblige. So with a full tummy we hopped into swimsuits and into the hot tub for some star-gazing. This was one of my better decision of the week. After a thorough soaking we headed back up for a movie. Like friends do.

5.)  Hmmmm: Headed out of town for the weekend he picked me up to take me to the airport, carried my luggage, and dropped me off with a hug and a kiss on the forehead. Like friends do.

But we're not dating. So that's weird...I wonder what dating looks like.


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