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Monday, December 26, 2011


6.5 years in the making, one of us got a PhD. (Hint: It wasn't me).

So this time around for our annual date we did it up real good. I even put a dress on and tossed on the pearls, real classy-like. We hopped in a cab for one of the more colorful rides I've had, and began our night on the town.

Four stops we made:

1. Knee High Stocking Co. - A very cool speakeasy nestled in lower Capitol Hill. Besides killer drinks, two words: tater tots. Go ahead and add some "Crack corn" (aka caramel corn) and you've got a dangerously delicious way to kick off the night. (my favorite stop of the night)

2. Dahlia Lounge - Just drinks, saving room for dinner and letting the aforementioned tots settle

3. Matt's in the Market (personal favorite Seattle restaurant) - Cheese platter that was savory and smooth, olive selection, bread selection and we shared the chicken and dumplings that was melt-in-your-mouth moist and delicious.

4. Cyclops - Met up with some of his old buddies for drinks as not another morsel could fit in my tummy.

We strolled and took in Market decked with holiday cheer. We laughed, a lot. Mostly at each's just what we do.

Look, he can't even believe he did it! Believe it, Doctor, you did it.

Try 1.

Try 2.
(This would be adorable, but it was freezing and my hands were shaking. C'mon, it was the best I could do.)

Congratulations, hun.

Real proud.


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