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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hey Mr. DJ, Put A Record On

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about relationships, and more specifically heartbreak. Maybe because B3 got married last weekend. Maybe because a dear friend of mine had her heart broken by her cheating boyfriend. Maybe because a good friend of mine and I are both in situations of unrequited love that makes you feel like you’re crazy, undesirable, and flawed (I’m sure we aren’t the only two). Maybe because it’s the middle of wedding/anniversary season which makes an unattached person very aware of one’s singleness. Either way, it’s been on my mind.

Here’s the really crappy crux about the demise of a relationship: we can’t always escape it. It happens to everyone to is willing to put themselves in the situation. And that it’s bittersweet. Bitter in the sense that heartbreak really blows. But potentially very sweet in that we have a great opportunity to grow from that. Lord knows how much I grew from the last one and I would not be in (amazing) place that I am without it.

When it comes to the matter of the heart, nothing is logical. When trying to rationalize why things happen, how long its going to hurt, what was he/she thinking, or why do I care so much, I decided that there are lots of answers and also no real answers at all. The best way I’ve come to navigate through the mess of it is to become emotionally numb. Healthy, I know. However, during moments of revived feeling, I find music can really initiate a pendulum of emotions. With that, I have created 2 music playlist depend on which end of the spectrum you are feeling at any particular moment.

Here’s my list, please feel free to contribute yours. A lot of these have personal connections to past relationships, so they might not rip your heart open like it does me, but you get the drift.

“Wollowing in Self- Pity” List:

Trouble – Coldplay
The Scientist - Coldplay
Turpentine - Brandi Carlile
Wasted Time – The Eagles
Realize – Colbie Caillat
You’ll Remember – Patty Griffin
You’ve Got A Lot of Growing Up to Do – Joshua Radin
Come on Get Higher – Matt Nathanson
Where I Stood – Missy Higgins
Anyone Else But You – Moldy Peaches
She’s only happy in the sun – Ben Harper
Picture – Sheryl Crow/Kid Rock
Feels like Home – Chantal Kreviazuk
I Can’t Make You Love Me – Bonnie Raitt
Cannonball - Damien Rice
Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley version
Gravity – Sarah Bareilles
Good Bye Lover – James Blunt
White Horse – Taylor Swift
Round Here – Counting Crows
The Dance – Garth Brooks
Love Song – Billie Burke Estate
Was I The Only One – Jordan Sparks
And of course, Skinny Love – Bon Iver

“Eff You D-bag, I’m Awesome” List:

Pocket Full of Sunshine – Natasha Bettingfield
Stronger Woman – Jewel
I Don’t Ever Give Up – Patty Griffin
Independent Women – Destiny’s Child
Wedding Day – Rosie Thomas
Say, Hey – I love you – Michael Frantini
Ok is All Right by Me – Eric Hutchinson
Sex on Fire – Kings of Leon
Be Somebody – Kings of Leon
Dem Jeans – Flo Rida (*warning*-parent advisory! so inappropriate)
Rock Yo Hips – Crime Mob (*warning*-parent advisory! so inappropriate)
Beautiful Day- U2
It’s My Life – Bon Jovi
Stronger – Kanye
Shout Out Loud – Amos Lee
Check on It – Beyonce
Get Me Bodied – Beyonce
Enough Crying – Mary J Blige
Wavin’ Flag – K’naan

There you have it. Enjoy.


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