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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tired Old Hen

-Dear Tall-Non-fat Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate from Dilettante, You warm my body and soul. Thank you.

-I’m still lactose intolerant. And it still blows.

-I said to my neighbor, “Thanks for joining us, glad you could make it, good to see you.” That all was a bold face lie. Sorry for being a liar. Consider this my repentance.

-I totally love the color I got my toes painted. This makes me hope there are pedicures in heaven.

-Boss Man: (shouting from his office) Hey, I really need to get ready for this Stonefire trip today.
Me: (shouting back) Ok, do you want to chat about it?
Boss Man: No, not really.
Me: Cool, thanks for sharing. (Glad we had this talk.)

-May have stayed out too late and had too much fun last night. Paying for it today. Not the young spring chicken I used to be. More of a tired old hen.

-As I was getting ready after the gym I made a list of things that I missed about being a kid. It basically boiled down to snack time, nap time, and wearing pajamas. I really wanted to put my pajamas on after my work out, but instead, I’m in a high-waisted pencil skirt, high heels, and a button down cardigan. Certainly, not pajamas.

Carrying My Giant Plate of Salad for Breakfast this Morning:
K: You on a strict diet?
Me: No, I was just craving a salad for breakfast because I’m crazy (I really was)
K: Well, whatever you’re doing its starting to work.

(“Starting to work”!?!? Mother effer, I’ve been busting my ass for 2.5 years now, have lost 30lbs, and it’s just now, starting to work? Thanks………………………)

-I need to take a vacation where I do absolutely nothing but sit and read. That sounds lovely.

-Dear Cube Neighbor: Do you ever realize how incredibly insensitive you sound? Just curious…

Conversation Via Gchat regarding this guy I just met:
Jennifer: WHERE on earth did u meet this guy?? You inadvertently left that detail out
me: You'll never believe me.....camping....
Jennifer: What? Why? What?
me: I went camping, well, sort of
Jennifer: why would u do that?

Or this one:

me: omg, no wonder men think we're crazy. Because we are.
Jennifer: hahaha, women are crazy, but guys are stupid. That’s just how it goes
and we're crazy because they're stupid
me: I love your logic
Jennifer: its completely true

Ok, team, I’m off to Alaska for the next few days, returning Tuesday night, and will hopefully have something more substantial to blog about than my ridiculous thoughts.

Cheers, heart, hugs, etc.


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