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Monday, November 2, 2009

Bliss List Monday

One of the blogs I follow does a regular spot on Mondays called the Bliss List. I’ve decided to participate. And because I am a professional list maker, I have categorized my Bliss List by the topics of our senses, just to keep things spicy. (Yes, lists can be spicy.)

Bliss List Monday
1.) Hear: Van Halen’s “Jump,” The Doobie Brothers, Ilsa yelling at me from the Streets of NYC, just like the old times
2.) See: Mt. Rainier at sunrise on a clear crisp autumn day
3.) Touch: This cup of tea warming my hands
4.) Feel: Top Pot Doughnuts - The mecca of beautiful men (by “Feel” I mean I fell in love with every gorgeous one of them)
5.) Taste: Berry Banana Smoothie after the morning ride.
6.) Tech: (not really a sensory function but whatevs): email - I can email my sister half way around the globe and stay connected

Make your list. Ready, Go.


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