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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Someone today told me that I looked, “very professional” and someone else told me (sincerely) she wished she, “looked like me.”
Then, someone else told me that I looked like I had been, “punched in the face,” while others stood around and agreed.

Talk about confusing.

Admittedly, my eyes are bloodshot and glassy. Not just like I’m-hungover-need-to-sleep bloodshot, but more I’m-recovering-from-a-9-day-heroin-bender-and-then-stared-into-the-sun-for-9-hours bloodshot. All because of my allergies. Every change in season brings a new wave of allergies. It generally doesn’t last too long, but when they are bad, they are B-A-D. So hello, autumn, I love you but let’s tone it down on the allergens.

While I work my way through this just know that when you see me, I’m most likely totally fine, I just look like a wreck, or like someone just, “punched [me] in the face.”

And don’t stare. It’s rude.


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