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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Forget Disneyland

This is the happiest place on earth. My home away from home, my safe haven, my own bed and breakfast. I’ve been nestled up at Auntie Nadine and Uncle Owen’s place for the last 4 days. I leave soon to head back to the States and the reality of working life, but this weekend has been exactly what my body and soul has needed for a really long time.

The Highlights:

N: How man hours have you slept?
Me: (Long calculating pause) Of the last 48? 24, possibly 25. Probably closer to 26.

“Word Worm” – Now say it like Elmer Fudd, 10 times fast.

The silverhaired Canadian grandma pouring her $4 Canadian Ice into a wine glass.

Old Man Ed

Senior citizen dancing with wild abandon. Old people must dance in heaven.

The food: chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, apple pie, turkey chili, gelato, blueberry waffles, Indonesian Chicken, salads, curry butternut squash soup, it never ends.

Do pot smoking hippies make better bread? Yes, yes they do.

“Studying” in front of the fire
Falling asleep in front of the fire
Reading in front of the fire
Chatting in front of the fire
Anything in front of the fire

Nadine and Own head out for the next couple months so it won’t be until the new year again until I get to gorge myself on the bounty of the coast. But when that time comes again, I will be ready. As always, I am so grateful for my family who opens their hearts and homes to this wandering stray cat and nourishes my body and soul to face the world again. I love you.


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