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Friday, November 13, 2009

Less Glee

After working in Public Accounting for 3.25 years, today I learned how to use a 10 key.

When I was able to get the totals to foot, I felt a tiny rush of glee. Quickly followed with the awareness that the highlight of my day involved learning how to 10-key. Less glee ensued.


stephanielynn said...

10 key. As in home row of 4-5-6? If so, there's nothing to be ashamed of. I learned to rock it when I was a cashier at Blockbuster (yup, I said it) and have never looked back. Congrats!

Lindsay Jane said...

10 key rocks! I won $500 bucks at an old job for adding up a row of phone numbers the fastest and most accurate. Own it sister!

Miss C said...

If those examples are suppose to make me feel better about learning how to 10 key, I've got one word: fail.

But A for effort. Still feeling very uncool, but maybe that's unrelated to the 10 key...and by "maybe" i mean definitely.

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