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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bumbershoot - In 3 Parts

As a Seallite, it seems weird that I don't drink coffee, eat seafood or ever been camping.  Also, I'd never been to  Bumbershoot.  So I fixed that last faux pas and hit up Bumbershoot  like a good Seallite should.

Here were my favorite things:

Elvistravaganza - It's a real thing.  I couldn't make it up if I tried.

Whac-a-Hipster:  It's a real thing.  I couldn't make it up.  I wish I had though.

The Actual Music:

Bombino. Really great. the best part was that he spoke very little English and was so excited to be there. His beats were pretty killer too.

Ana Tijoux.  Incredible. Just incredible. Maybe I didn't know 98% of what she was saying but you didn't have to get her.  Listen here. here, and here. Then listen again.  Like I have.

Not pictured: the Burlesque show.  This is a family friendly blog.  But I will tell you if this career doesn't work out I'm taking a stab at burlesque.  Me thinks I can work some magic with some tassels and pasties.  Watch out.

There were lots of hipsters, pot smoking, sunshine, Key Arena's legit nachos. All in all a good way to spend a day.

Someone remind me to go again.


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