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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Morning Person

No one ever accused me a of being a morning person.  In fact quite the opposite.  It takes me a good hour (or more) to wake up and be fully engaged with the world. Which is why I particularly enjoy my morning walks I take every day.  They are good slow way to wake up and since I don't sleep much these days, the early morning is wide open. Up at 6:30, I get to wake up with the city.  I tend to see the same folks on my walk and there is usually the hospitable nod or small smile that let's you know that they are in on the secret.

Today's morning was particularly lovely.

I found a new park that perfectly framed this Seattle sunrise. People, I live here. Sometimes I don't believe it either.

I spied these chickens, just diggin' in the front yard. Like you do in urban Seattle.

Then I made almond milk which I'm pretty sure is going to be life changing.

All this before 9:00 am on a Sunday. Maybe, just maybe, I'm becoming a morning person.



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