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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

That One Day

That one day...
We walked the gardens...
Shopped Newbury Street and did just a little damage....
Had cake 3 times....
Found a $20 in a cab....
oh, and I turned 30....

This is how it went:

Don't let these pictures fool you.  It was about 900 degrees and 4000% humdity.  And that jerk at one point was standing full on frontal to the fan.  Good thing none one else needed a breeze. 


Now melting.  Note that I'm crouched over, sitting on the railing, she's on her tip toes and I'm still towering over PB. It's the plague of our friendship.

Boston or Bermuda.  Felt like Bermuda.
"Here Car, sit on these stairs and let's take a picture."   - PB
"Oh, these here stairs where hundreds of homeless people have probably relieved themselves and where drunk college kids have puked.  Oh, please, can I?" - me

Me and George.

What?! Even the dishes knew?!

Flowers from the mom and pops. So lovely.  Maybe I teared up.

Then we switched into our newly acquired evening wear. I'm wearing sparkles, purple and a floral pattern.  Clearly PB's doing.
Oh this look?  The drowned squirrel caught in a flashflood look?  It's new, it'll catch on.  I've never seen rain so hard or had my hair ruined so fast.

More CAKE!
Then I found $20 in the cab.  That's gotta be a good sign right?
Next stop, an awesome little hidden bar with barely a sign and no menu.  And did it up right. 

All around a really great day.  Thanks to PB for being there and sharing the cake and festivities with me.


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