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Sunday, September 2, 2012

All Over the Place

I'm not one to make rush purchases of large dollar about. Couple hundred dollars at Target or the grocery store, no big deal. But for one single item I just can't bring myself to do it.

But then I do.  It took me 7 years but I have a new shiny new keyboard and fancy screen, that I'm writing to you LIVE from. The best part of this one is that it doesn't sound like it's getting ready for take off when turned on.

The next case in point:

I've spent two years eyeing a Michael Kors watch ever since I saw it in Playa Del Carmen and just couldn't stomach the price point.  So it's been on every Christmas list and birthday list since then.  So for this upcoming birthday the folks and I went halfsies on my first grown up watch.  Form, function and fabulous.

Subtle, no? 

I was also lucky enough to celebrate with my folks that they now 2 30 year old daughters. TWO of them!   That must make them feel SO OLD.  We celebrated with waffles and applesauce (my favorite), plus sausages, pineapple, strawberries, cantalope.  

Oh and cake. 

The folks also picked out this chocolate tulip filled with strawberries, strawberry mousse and chocolate ganchae.

I think birthday breakfast cake could catch on.  At least it should.

In carrying on the celebration, I spent some time pampering and shopping.  

My nail lady told me what pretty and cute toes I had.  She also asked me if I was in school.  Both flattering

Then she asked, "Are you still single?"

Don't worry I didn't kick her.  Just really wanted to.  Just kidding............................not I'm not.  

I bought a dress for my 30th evening festivities.  When I tried it on I asked myself, "Does this dress make me look like a hooker?"  Which I decided that if that's the first question you ask you probably shouldn't buy it.  But then I did.  We'll see if I wear it.  Depends on how steep the credit card balance is this month. I might have to shake my money maker to literally make it a money maker.

Oh yeah, I chopped off a bunch of my hair. That was scary.

Well, this post was all over the place. Kind of how I'm feeling these days.  


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